Top 3 Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants Near Venetian Islands

Top 3 Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants Near Venetian Islands

Whenever Venetian Islands vegan and vegetarian residents get a craving for a plant-based, animal free meal, without having to make it themselves, they are fortunate enough to have three of Miami Beach’s top vegan and vegetarian restaurants a short drive from their homes. Venetian Islands Miami Beach residents can say goodbye to the frustration that comes along with searching for the perfect place to grab a bite to eat or to enjoy a gourmet meal that meets their dietary needs.

Full Bloom – Gourmet Vegan Cuisine

Full Bloom – Gourmet Vegan Cuisine is the first Miami Beach restaurant established to creatively bring gourmet vegan and vegetarian dining to new and delicious levels. Established in 2015, Full Bloom takes pride in using organic ingredients from local farms and small distribution companies. Full Bloom has reached haute cuisine levels with dishes such as their eggplant steak milanese, and cashew and ricotta ravioli. All dishes at Full Bloom are animal-cruelty-free.


DIRT, which was named the best inexpensive restaurant by the Miami New Times, has specific vegan and vegetarian menus available, which makes it super easy to enjoy a meal in a snap. Clean, fine food eating and a fast dining experience co-exist at DIRT. Menus change seasonally at this establishment that is a true farm-to-counter restaurant. Through convenience, simplicity, and affordability, DIRT urges patrons to eat quality, healthy, and nutritious food. DIRT is known for their yummy almond butter and jam toasts, hummus wraps, and cold pressed juices. DIRT can also accommodate gluten-free, organic, and paleo specific diets as well.

Plant Theory

Plant Theory is a vegan-friendly eatery situated between the hustle and bustle of South Beach, but do not let that be a detour from enjoying 100% local, organic, and responsibly grown ingredients. The name of this establishment truly defines itself, as vegetables are the focus of all dishes. Plant Theory goes above and beyond the average vegan and vegetarian spots, and offers a full-blown brunch menu. Plant Theory is known for serving up amazing sandwiches, fresh pressed juices, coconut bacon, and their fruity berry parfait.

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