The Top Private Schools of Miami

The Top Private Schools of Miami

One of the advantages of living in Miami waterfront homes is their proximity to many of the best schools in the county. Several of the best private schools happen to be within minutes of Miami’s coastline, meaning you can enjoy the the pleasures of coastal living without sacrificing a good education for your children. Here are some of the best known private schools in Miami:

The Cushman School

Celebrating its ninetieth year anniversary in 2014, The Cushman School in the Upper East Side has the distinction of being Miami-Dade County’s oldest continuously operating school. While it has a lengthy history, it is also offers a forward-thinking, rigorous curriculum with a diverse student body from over 40 countries.

Ransom Everglades

Located in Coconut Grove, Ransom Everglades is known for its extraordinary specialized education programs. Middle school students can take advantage of the Gateway to Technology and Gateway to Technology for Girls programs, which teach tech literacy. In addition, the Preparatory Signature Academic programs offer high school students the opportunity to prepare in highly desirable fields prior to college including Architecture, Biomedical Sciences, Engineering, International Business and Entrepreneurship, and Law and Litigation, giving them a head start when they go to college.

Miami Country Day School

Located in Miami Shores, Miami Day School has the distinction honor of being a private school being named a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, a distinction given by the United States government for outstanding academic excellence. Ths school, which recently celebrated its 75th anniversary last year, is known for its Abess Center for Environmental Studies.

Gulliver Academy

With several schools across the county, it is one of the few schools that awards the International Baccalaureate Diploma, a rigorous college preparatory program that holds its students to extraordinarily high standards. Despite its difficulty, Gulliver has managed to attain astoundingly high 96% pass rate for students in this program, demonstrating how well the school properly prepares and practices the program.
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