The Benefits of Living in A Venetian Islands Condo

The Benefits of Living in A Venetian Islands Condo

There are many benefits to living in a Venetian Islands condo. Condominiums are a hybrid between an apartment and a house. However, overall, the living experience is much like living in an apartment because owners often have shared walls between units and live within close proximity to their neighbors. Read on to discover some benefits of living in a Venetian Islands Miami Beach condo.


It is less expensive to purchase a Venetian Islands condo than to purchase a house comparable in size and quality. Typically, a condo in the same neighborhood and level of luxury costs less than a comparable come. So, the cost of a condo verses the cost of a house depends on many other factors besides size and location. When making comparisons, it is important to mention that, buyers must factor in condo association costs to avoid sticker shock.

24/7 Security

Condos offer buyers unprecedented security 24/7. Not only do Venetian Islands condos often feature gated or locked entries and gated parking, but they often times offer professional security officers on duty. In addition to the stated security offerings, living in close proximity with your neighbors offers added security because you can turn to someone for help, in case of an emergency or security situation.

No Outdoor Maintenance

You never have to worry about yard work or outdoor maintenance, when living in a Venetian Islands condo. Condos are generally situated on well-groomed, landscaped lots. Condo owners never have to worry about painting their home or the up keep of the structure. In condos, the condo association takes care of any physical outdoor maintenance, or interior corridor or shared spaces. Although the owner is responsible for paying condo association fees, having the association take care of these mundane issues alleviates stress on owners.

Resort-like Amenities

A great majority of high-end condos in the Venetian Islands offer residents extraordinary, resort-like amenities such as luxury spas, heated pools, tennis courts, conference rooms, recreation rooms, 24/7 concierge services, as well as beautiful lobbies and common areas. Additionally, some condos feature multi-level health clubs with state-of-the-art exercise equipment, professionally hosted exercise classes, steam rooms, and saunas.
Condo living on the Venetian Islands is a great way to live and experience life in this Miami Beach neighborhood. With so many helpful and relaxing elements, and people catering to you along the way, living in a condo is almost like being on a lifelong vacation. For more information please contact me at or (305) 502-3985, and I will be more than happy to assist you in finding the ideal Venetian Islands condo for your lifestyle.

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