Miami Beach Celebrates Earth Day & Makes the City Beautiful

Miami Beach Celebrates Earth Day & Makes the City Beautiful

Miami Beach is such a fantastic city to live in, and what better way to show our appreciation to our home town than by making the city beautiful. This Earth Day we can celebrate our planet, and help make our neighborhood a better place. We often take for granted our immense luck and privilege of living on such a gorgeous planet that sustains life. Take a look at ways we can celebrate Earth Day in Miami Beach, and how we can do our part to make our section of the planet a clean environment.

Celebrate Earth Day in Miami Beach

Beach Clean Up

Earth Day is the perfect day to head on over to the beach, and clean up the random litter strewn all over the shore. Miami Beach is such a nice beach with gorgeous views and lovely breezes; however, sadly, Miami Beach has a lot of trash left behind by visitors. Get to the beach early with trash bags, gloves, and a trash picker, and give your section of the beach a clean sweep. Leaving the beach a much cleaner place than what you found is not only gratifying, but you’re leaving a more enjoyable space for all.

Energy Efficient Miami Beach Waterfront Homes and Condos

Miami Beach waterfront homes and condos are often energy efficient. Nonetheless, there are additional steps you can take to make your Miami Beach waterfront property even more energy efficient. Over 40% of energy consumed in the US occurs at residential and commercial buildings. There are many ways that we can cut down on energy consumption at home such as using LED lighting, improving insulation and window sealing, and using energy efficient water heaters. By making these changes we can help make a better environment for us and future generations.

Plant a Garden

As Miami Beach residents, we are fortunate to have amazing weather nearly all year long. With that being said, we might as well get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather as much as possible. I know a lot of people don’t like getting “dirty,” but there is something cathartic about planting a garden or a tree. So, help celebrate Earth by planting a garden, trees, or plants in your back yard; or, make potted garden on your balcony, if your building allows. The foliage you’ve planted and taken care of with your own two hands, will help produce more oxygen into the environment, and create a beautiful space.

Reusable Bottles & Cups

Make an impact, and opt for using reusable bottles, cups, and mugs! Each year, the US alone, uses over 50 billion plastic water bottles. Wistfully, a vast majority of these bottles aren’t recycled, in turn, they end up in our landfills, oceans, and other environments where they become a hazard to the environment and living organisms. So save the planet from pounds of extra garbage, and get yourself personalized bottles, cups, and mugs. Not only will the plant thank you, but you’ Not only will planet Earth thank you, but you’ll have a personalized bottle, cup, or mug to brighten up your day.

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