Learn how To Sell or Lease with Julian Johnston

Learn how To Sell or Lease with Julian Johnston

The Magic City has different neighborhoods with international restaurants, retail shops, bar, clubs, parks and much more. Miami Beach has one hundred years of traditions, fun, beach parties and the luxury Miami Waterfront Homes. Sinatra and Al Capone spent much of their time enjoying all the fun Miami had to offer. If you are ready to to enjoy all the excitement of the Magic City the best option is to do it with Miami Beach expert Julian Johnston.

If you are planning to sell a house in Miami, it’s important to know that there are different marketing plans. It’s essential to have a team with proven methods to minimize the amount of time the property spends on the market. To ensure the exposure of the property the first step is to enter it into the Multiple Listing service, a database used by countless real estate professionals.

Another option if you are not ready to sell is to lease it. In South Florida there are different types of lease options to offer depending on the time and payment. In some occasions with leasing property the law does not require to have a written contract. For all these reasons it’s important to know the ideal lease expert will take experience, knowledge, connections and innovation that our team has. Julian and every member of the MIA Waterfront team are ready to find the dream lease for you.

To learn more about how to sell or lease with Julian Johnston and his team or about the Miami Beach Waterfront Homes contact him at (305) 502-3985 or [email protected].

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