Enjoying Eco Adventures in Miami

Enjoying Eco Adventures in Miami

Miami is filled with unique outdoor activities to take part in, there are many ways to have eco adventures around these parts. To help you enjoy the Miami sun in a fun and safe way, we have compiled a few suggestions for different options of eco adventures in Miami. 

On the beach in particular, there are many opportunities to enjoy water sports, including the experience of beach kayaking. This activity provides a personal way to enjoy the blue ocean. Plus, kayaking is very easy to learn since you just have to learn the essential strokes and maneuvers that will allow you to steer the boat.

Exclusively in Key Biscayne, you can go on a kayak and snorkeling adventure in the areas of Bear Cut Preserve. As you snorkel you can discover tropical fish, spotted eagle rays, sea stars, and coastal birds and share in this beautiful environment.

Another great outdoor activity to enjoy on the beach is paddleboarding and it is one of the fastest growing watersports in the world. Paddle boarding is a cross between kayaking and surfing and you can do it on any body of water. Plus, there are different areas in Miami where you can take part in this fun and relaxing activity.

You can also have eco adventures on land in the Everglades with different nature trails, one of which includes SharkValley. At SharkValley you have the option to rent bicycles or bring your own bike and ride right by alligators passing by or sun bathing. The ride is quite long but a very unique South Florida experience that will lead you to a watchtower where you can look overhead to the Everglades.

These are only a few options to have your own eco adventure in Miami, there are many more in water and on land! If you would like to learn more information on Miami Beach Waterfront Homes or Miami Waterfront Homesyou can contact 305-502-3985 or [email protected].

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