Best Sandwich Shops in Miami

Best Sandwich Shops in Miami

While doing a tour in the Miami Beach Waterfront Homes with Julian Johnston is normal to get hungry, one solution is to eat inside one of the best sandwiches shops in Miami, which can be found in different neighborhoods. A sandwich might sound like a normal option, but these sandwiches are in different level.

Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop

Considered a local treasure Enriqueta’s is Located in Wynwood and it is part of the 21 best sandwich shops in the country. In the takeout window ask for the Croqueta Preparada, a Cuban sandwich with croquetas, or the Vaca Frita.

Hungry Bear Sub Shop

The Hungry Bear Sub Shop is a group of sandwich shop located in different areas of the city. Try the Honey Mustard Chicken Sub fixed with grilled onions, mushrooms, and green peppers. This Sandwich Shop is characterized by its quick service.

Blue Collar

Blue Collar offers a different approach for a Latin sandwich. The Corben is a dish including two sandwiches of braised brisket on Portuguese muffins with Dijon and dipping jus. Located in the historic MiMo district of Miami, it offers brunch, lunch and dinner.

Etzel Itzik

In Etzel Itzik at the moment customers sit inside they get a grand selection of salads with pita bread. It offers dishes like the chicken heart pita, the Moroccan spicy sausage, the kebab, and the falafel.
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