Al Capone’s Mansion Has Just Been Restored

Al Capone’s Mansion Has Just Been Restored

Miami’s rich history includes quite a few colorful characters, including infamous Chicago gangster Al Capone, who bought an extraordinary villa in Miami in 1928, where he lived his last days. Today this historic mansion is going to serve as a movie backdrop – owing in no small part to the fascination Capone still elicits – but not before it undergoes the necessary renovations..

A few years ago MB America acquired the villa for $8 million, spending another $1.4 million to install necessary protections against hurricanes and water damage. To maintain the utmost authenticity, Capone’s mansion has been largely maintained minus some updates, the only untouched room being the regal bathroom with art deco style in gold and black.

When Al Capone moved to the Magic City about 90 years ago, residents were shocked to find their neighbor was one of the biggest gangsters in the United States. John Newton Lummus, the mayor of Miami Beach in 1928, argued that “Capone is no worse than a lot of others down here” – no wonder he felt at home!

The historic values of this Miami Waterfront Home are unmeasured, and reflect the amazing heritage of the city. The company still needs to do some modifications inside the house, but they are planning to use it as a background for video-clips and movies or for advertising photography shoots. Yet another example of Miami’s glamour being sought after around the world.

Al Capone decided to move to Miami because of the good weather, and if you want to make the same decision contact the expert in the Miami Beach Waterfront Homes Julian Johnston at (305) 502-3985 or [email protected].

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